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Gadget For Cleaning

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    360 Hands Free Microfiber

    from Original Price $38.95
    from $17.95

    No More squeezing dirty mop head! This X shape mop squeezes waste water out without you ever twisting dry the mop pads. It combines the functionali...

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    Hand-Held Vacuum Cleaner

    Original Price $44.39
    Current Price $39.95

    If you always have crumbs and specks of particles lying on your table, then this portable vacuum is perfect for you! This small yet powerful va...

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  • Save 50%

    Dishwashing Gloves With Built In Bristles

    Original Price $39.98
    Current Price $19.98

    Introducing Magic Gloves, the new improved version of the dishwashing glove! We have improved the previous glove by thickening the material, making...

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    Wall Mounted Silicone Toilet Brush

    Original Price $39.97
    Current Price $19.97

    No more broken bristle and soaking wet toilet brush that is filled with bacteria. Silicone Toilet Brush will be the last toilet brush you'll ever n...

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    Soap Dispenser Dish Washing Brush

    Original Price $29.96
    Current Price $14.98

    This Cleaning tool provides a better grip and makes cleaning much easier. Durable brush bristles are made of high-elastic PET fiber, which is not e...

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